Month: December 2015

The Wreaths of Army/Navy

T. T. Robinson's photo.

Side by side we lay their wreaths
Where side by side they lay,
Brothers in arms, they rest eternal
Oh, but not today!

Today they’re storming the heavens
Each taking their side
They raise their colors
Sing their song
And cheer for their team with pride.

Today it’s Army/Navy!
The day of the year that shows
Brothers united
Become brothers divided
Until the final whistle blows.

But long after the touchdowns
Beyond the final score
From the football field
To the battlefield
They’ll be brothers ever more.

4 Lessons from the Greatest Generation in a Time of Fear

It feels like a time of fear. It feels like we are on the edge of more war, more conflict, more battles, more farewells, more hurt, more pain more … terror.

Last month, as news of the Paris terrorist attacks came in and the horrifying details emerged, many of us were glued to the news. Once we’d started processing the devastation, the inevitable questions started to arise: how would this affect our military, our families and our lives?

Although it may have felt all-consuming to many of us, the fact remains that Kylie Jenner’s low cut top and Starbucks’ controversial red cup were the trending stories on social media while Paris burned — evidence of a modern society indifferent to the plight of the world.

Yet, 75 years ago, on December 29, citizens across the country were united as they gathered around radios in their family rooms, listening to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Fireside Chat 16: “The Arsenal of Democracy.” The nation hung on his every word as the president detailed the threat of war and his faith that the country would pull through; it was a unifying speech aimed at clarifying their commitment to national security.What can we learn from the Greatest Generation in a time of fear?

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5 Gifts for Handling the Holidays During Deployment

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You think you’re handling deployment or another long separation well, until you hear “I’ll be home for Christmas” while you’re grocery shopping, or “Celebrate Me Home” driving carpool. Or, really,  insert any holiday song, during any unsuspecting situation. Even Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You” taunts the solo spouse with reminders that not even Santa can make that wish come true this year (even if it simultaneously makes you want to rip your ears off.)

The holidays are meant to be a time of togetherness; it’s why they can also double as an especially difficult time during military separation. Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, friends. Since we can’t give you, our wonderful readers, a physical gift — SpouseBuzz has five deployment gifts just for you.

5 Gifts for Handling the Holidays During Deployment:

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