Month: September 2016

52 Week Challenge: Register to Vote

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Whether you’re on the “Trump Train,” you’re “With Her,” you’ve Googled Gary Johnson or you have no idea which candidate should get your vote, as an American citizen you have an obligation to cast that ballot.

As military spouses, we know all too well what sacrifices have been made to protect that privilege.
Not feeling the presidential race this year? Remember, there are a plethora of local elections that warrant your attention as well.

There’s nothing worse in an election year than showing up at the polls and realizing you’re not registered to vote. Or talking to your deployed spouse overseas and realizing that he or she missed the window to request an absentee ballot.

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5 Must Read MilSpouse Books

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The kids are heading back to school, the days seem shorter and fall weather is finally in sight. National Read-a-Book Day is this week and it’s no wonder why: it’s the perfect time to curl up with a good story. Whether you’re reading on the porch with a cup of coffee after carpool drop off, have a long commute on public transportation to turn the pages, you’re crawling into bed alone (again) during deployment or anything in between, SpouseBuzz gives you five must-read military spouse books:

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5 Reasons for Spouses to Go Back to School

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Summer is almost over and stores are already filling their aisles with back-to-school goodies. New markers, crayons, and glue sticks abound while parents wander with checklists making sure they have the prerequisite-sized notebooks. You’d think the end of pool days would be enough to drive kids everywhere into a deep dark depression, but if you’ve ever been school supply shopping with a little one, you know how pumped they are to pick out their new backpack. What if you could be that excited? Whether you didn’t finish college or have been thinking about that masters’ degree, here are five reasons you should go back to school:

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